Monday, March 7, 2016

Almost there.

My books are almost ready! They're being bound at present.

I have made posters for the day,  written a looooong list of things I have to remember and even drawn a diagram of the layout I want with gazebo, tables, chairs, book display, etc. on the north patio of the Cargo Shed.

I have read oodles of 'How to' articles about planning and running book launches, so all I can do now is my best.

My support team is ready to go. What more can I ask?

Roll on March 13th, 2pm.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Launch Time

The time for my multiple book launch is less than two weeks away!
I've not done this before. My previous book launches were organised by someone else, so this is a little daunting.
However, it's going to happen on Sunday afternoon, 13th March, at the Cargo Shed, Dive Cres, Tauranga, 2-4pm.

The journey to this stage has been wonderful. My illustrators are incredibly talented people and worth their weight in gold. Each has been given the freedom to express themselves in their particular style and have done illustrations which suit each book.

Gordon's sense of humour throughout 'Pop's Busy Blue Truck' is a treat. Even as the sketches were coming in we were laughing. He has created a subtle 'under-story' about Zac which keeps us turning pages!

Pop uses the red tractor to load silage
from the green stack on to the busy blue truck.
Ruatara is an historical creative non-fiction
novelette for 10-14 year-olds, the story of the introduction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to New Zealand by Samuel Marsden and the young Ruatara in 1814.
Simon's black and white illustrations, one in each chapter, have captured the characters well and add interest to the story.
In the foreword, Roddy (Rurawhe) Perkins of Ngapuhi descent, writes, 'This is a creative read, bringing an historical account into a personal context where the reader is transported into early New Zealand history'.

'Hut Hangout', an Easy Read, tells of friends, Jay and Brandon, building a hut in a rather tall tree. It's not until Jay's father finds evidence of their project that they are able to complete this challenging project.
Andria has captured the feeling of these difficulties in her illustrations.

I need fine, calm weather for my launch as it is to be held on the north patio of the Cargo Shed, near the little lighthouse. You can feast on juices and fruit. I would love you to join my celebration.